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M Carmen Lane, MSOD

        Poet and Activist

2016 Roundtable on Latina Feminism
Spotlight on the Arts: Poetry Reading by Carmen Lane

M. Carmen Lane (African-American/Mohawk/Tuscarora) is a poet, cultural worker and consultant. Carmen's work has been published in Red Ink Magazine, the Yellow Medicine Review and is a contributor to the Lambda Literary Award nominated anthology Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature. Their first collection of poetry is titled Calling Out After Slaughter (GTK Press, 2015). Carmen is co-editing a forthcoming anthology, Manly-Hearted: Indigenous Queer, Trans and Two-Spirit Masculinities (GTK Press, 2016).


Carmen has worked as an experiential educator, facilitator, trainer and consultant for over 15 years. Her passion is working with individuals and organizations to support their development as competent and ethical agents of change. Carmen has also engaged communities as a diversity practitioner for 25 years. 

Carmen's model for change work as an organization and systems development (OSD) consultant and diversity practitioner is indicative of her life long journey as a human being interested in a just world--an integration of ancestry, legacy, and spirituality. She uses technologies developed through her training at NTL Institute's Diversity Leadership Practitioner Program, the Gestalt OSD Center, and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland integrated with teachings from movement elders and through Indigenous forms of knowledge.

Specialties: wisdom, group dynamics, facilitation & training, coaching, organizational leadership, diversity & inclusion, foresight, change

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