Resistance, Love,  and Survival in Precarious Times

ZOOM  Meeting April 22-23, 2022

*All Participants are expected to attend ALL sessions of the Roundtable*

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: February 1, 2022 


Invited Speakers:

ANDREA J. PITTS, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

JUDITH SIERRA-RIVERA, The Pennsylvania State University

LOURDES TORRES, DePaul University


After a hiatus, the Latina/x Feminisms Roundtable is back!  You are invited to participate in the 2022 meeting that will take place through ZOOM as it is still difficult and too risky to travel during a continuing pandemic. 


The Latina/x Feminisms Roundtable is a forum for discussion of Latina/x and Latin American Feminisms.


This year we pause to reflect on the various ways in which Latinas/xs engaged in practices of self-care and communal care as we continue to face a pandemic that ravaged communities of color.

How can the space of the roundtable serve to support one another and to share our stories and intellectual projects?  How do we inhabit this space as a space of possibilities and world-making in difficult times?  

We invite you to send abstracts on themes connected to Resistance, Love,  and Survival in Precarious times.  Please send abstracts on any of the following themes:

  • Responses to the “Arrebato,” Anzaldúa’s name for experiences that frighten us

  • Bodies and Vulnerability

  • Mourning and Remembering our dead

  • The Biopolitics of the Pandemic

  • The Aesthetic in times of Sorrow


Other suggested themes include Latinas/x and Latin American feminist engagement in ​

  • Blackness and Latinidad

  • Indigeneity

  • Central American Studies

  • Disability

  • Queer Latinidad

  • Brownness and Trans

  • Latina/x Decolonial Feminisms

  • Latina/x Spirituality

  • Latina/x Epistemologies

  • Coalitions Across differences

  • Works on individual Latina/x or Latin American feminist writers and theorists


Guidelines for Submission:

     1.     Abstracts should be approximately 400 words.

     2.     Abstracts should be suitable for anonymous review.  In a separate document, please include your name, affiliation, contac information, brief biographical statement,  the title of your presentation,  and whether you need any accommodations.

     3.     Please submit all proposals electronically to

              Please write “LATINA/X FEMINISM ABSTRACT ” in the subject line.

     4.     For more information on past roundtables go to

             or contact Mariana Ortega at

Artwork by Mortega