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FRIDAY    September 7th

SATURDAY    September 8th

9:15-10:00         Coffee and Tea/Breakfast, Alumni           Lobby, Nittany Lion Inn

10:00-10:40       Stephanie Rivera Berruz, Marquette University
                            Mi Patria es la Libertad: Assembling Belonging in the writings
                            of Luisa Capetillo

10:40-11:20        Gabriela Puche, Villanova University
                            Queer Ontologies of Resistance in the Cartagena: Negotiating 
                            Creolization and Mestizaje as Historiographical Tools to Understand
                            the Greater Caribbean

Undergraduate Panel:

11:35-12:15      Gisela Reyes, St. Mary’s University
                           Clear as Mud: Colorism’s Independence as A Form of Discrimination 
                           from Racism.

12:15-12:55      Ashleigh Morales, St. Mary’s University
                           Rape Myths, Exposed

1:00-2:30          Lunch, Alumni Lobby, Nittany Lion Inn

2:30-3:10          Monique Roelofs, Hampshire College
                          Time, Address, and the Marketplace in Latina/x and 
                          Latin American Feminisms

3:10-3:50          Emma Velez, The Pennsylvania State University
                          Decolonial feminism at the intersection: a critical reflection on the
                          relationship between Intersectionality and decolonial feminism

4:00-4:40          Kevin Cedeño-Pacheco, The Pennsylvania State University
                          Selena, Selenidad, and Latinidad: Identification and Disidentification

                          as Processes of Latina/o Self-Making

5:00-6:30          Invited Lecture, Foster Auditorium 
                          Laura E. Pérez, UC Berkeley

                          Eros Ideologies: Writings on Art, Spirituality, and the Decolonial

7:00-9:00          Dinner, Penn State Room, Nittany Lion Inn

9:15-10:00             Coffee and Tea/Breakfast, Alumni Lobby, Nittany Lion Inn

10:00-10:40           Andrea Pitts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
                               “Inner Work as Public Acts? Interpreting Relationality entre



 10:40-11:20           Denise Meda Calderon, Texas A&M University 
                               Mestizaje Projects of Exclusion and Erasure in Mexico

11:35-12:15           Judith Sierra Rivera, The Pennsylvania State University
                                Affective Politics of Caribbean Feminisms in the Neoliberal 
                                Space of Catastrophe

12:15-12:55            Gertrude Gonzalez de Allen, Spelman College
                                Afra: In Between Subjectivity and Consciousness

1:00-2:10                Lunch, Alumni Lobby, Nittany Lion Inn

2:30-3:50                Invited Lecture, Foster Auditorium
                                Veronica Isabel Dahlberg, 

                                Founder and Executive Director of Hola 

                                Raids, Cages, and Deportation: Field Report from a

                                Latinx Activist  on the Impact of “Zero Tolerance”

                                Immigration Policies
4:10-4:50:               Litzy Galarza, The Pennsylvania State University
                                Writing Myself Into Being

4:50-5:30:               Paulina Rodriguez Burciaga, The Pennsylvania State University
                                 Latina Sportswomen: A Case for Escaramuza

5:30-6:10:               Erika Grimm, The Pennsylvania State University
                                 Toward a Critical Phenomenology of Language? On Lived

                                Experience and
                                Linguistic Rupture in Latina Feminist Phenomenologies

6:15-6:45                Final Reflections

7:00                         Dinner and Party at Mariana Ortega’s House